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Chat. Laugh. Smile. {Brisbane Baby Photographer}

There are just some babies that absolutely ooze character; you look at them and they just make you smile. You know the ones that have the cheeky grins, smiley eyes and, well, they’re just plain cute! Well William here is one of those babies.

At 4.5 months this little guy could talk most babies under the table.

Chat. Chat. Some more chat. Laugh. Smile. Chat. He was an absolute delight to photograph. He makes me want to continue to photograph babies. Love him and his mum was pretty special too (and I hope she loves his pictures as much as I do!).

…And if you hadn’t noticed lately I’ve had a little bit of a baby/kids foot fetish!? These little feet were delightful I just couldn’t resist another foot shot (or two)!

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Someone hit pause… {Brisbane Baby Photographer}

Can someone please hit pause? I’m begging!

Time is just going by so fast and my sweet little Willow is growing up before my very eyes – or at least that’s how it feels. She’s 3 months old. 12 weeks have zipped by in a heartbeat.

I know I keep repeating myself but she truly is the sweetest little thing. She’s soooo good; hardly makes a peep and sleeps all night! What more could a mother ask for. 

I find 3 months such an awkward age in which to take photos (i.e get variety). This is especially so for Willow who really isn’t the greatest on her belly – read face plants the ground – so I can’t get those types of photos. She is no where near close to sitting on her own so lying on her back is about it I’m afraid.

Here’s my take on 3 months…

…I know she looks a little ‘gumby’ in the last shot. It’s shot with a wide angle lens and it’s deliberate. She’s always got her tongue out and well it’s shows a little of her character – not every shot needs to be *perfect*.

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Meet Max {Brisbane Newborn Photographer}

There is something about newborn baby lips that I’m drawn too – they are so subtle and fresh. Just beautiful. Max here has the BEST lips. I could just look at them all day long. I find myself sighing as I process his little images. He really is such a handsome little man. Just way to cute to boot!

He was a real sweetie and a delight to photograph…

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