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Merry Christmas {Brisbane Baby Photographer}

I don’t know what happened to December and the lead up to Christmas. Let’s face it I don’t know what has happened to the last 5 months really. All I do know is it’s Christmas and I LOVE Christmas! I LOVE everything about it. I love the happiness; joy in the air; excitement on children’s faces; the food; the sun; santa; giving; and hehehe receiving. So, I’m just popping in to wish all my lovely blog readers a very Merry Christmas and the happiest of New Years. May all your dreams come true; may life treat you well and keep you safe.

Much Love,
Nic xx

P.S I’ll back in 2010, bigger and brighter then ever – I can’t wait to share all my changes.

…and because it wouldn’t be a blog entry without a picture – here is Miss Willow about to celebrate her very first Christmas, drool and all.

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5 Months {Brisbane Baby Photographer}

So you’ve probably figured out it’s inevitable that I’ll update my little ol’ blog on a monthly basis (perhaps more) with my growing baby. Speaking of which, I can hardly believe she is 5 months already. That just flew by in the blink of an eye!

As the days roll into weeks, little parts of her personality are becoming more prominent. For the most part she’s a content little soul who will happily sit back and watch the world go by. She smiles with her eyes, just like her brother. She sticks her tongue out no end, just like her Nanna. She has the bluest of eyes, just like her Grandad, and she has the cutest little dimples just like me.

She is so darn lovable it truly makes my heart burst with pride – pride that I made her and she is mine!

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Summer Fun! {Brisbane Children’s Photographer}

It’s summer time again and I’m excited! Last summer was pretty much written off due to a horrid pregnancy – I hardly left the house. It’s definitely one I would rather forget. This year however, I’m free as a bird and feeling great.

Summer…here I come!!!

It’s been so hot (read SO hot) the last few weeks. We don’t have a pool (just the kiddie wading type of cause) but mum does, so guess where we spent some time over the weekend!? The kids and I had a ball and oh my I felt like a kid again. I have an underwater housing for my camera so I couldn’t help but pull it out to capture a few summer memories.

Here are just a few…

…and just because I’ve been meaning to share my new favourite picture of Willow for about a month now and haven’t got around to it so I thought I would chuck it in here.

Miss Willow at just over four months…

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