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The Perks {Brisbane Children’s Photographer}

The perks of being a photographer is that you get to have lots of beautiful photos of your children but sometimes, just sometimes, it’s nice to have a photo or two with you in it. Naturally it’s a bit hard to do that yourself since most of the time you’re taking the photos. That’s where having another friend, who is a photographer, comes in very handy!

Lovely Lana just so happened to photograph little Miss Willow’s entrance into the world and I had the absolute pleasure of witnessing Miss Mila’s entrance into the world in January. You might also recall that Lana took beautiful photos of Willow when she was 4 days old.

So, after Willow’s gorgeous portraits, it was my turn to try and capture some of her children. Rilka is 2 and half and the cheekiest little monkey who just made me laugh. Mila is 11 months, and well, she holds a special place in my heart.

I hope you like these Lana…

…Oh and just because, I LOVE the naturalness of these. Lily thought she was the bees knees since she was older then Rilka and well, she’s never the oldest. The picture of Rilka, with her thongs in one hand, head and arms back the front doll in the other, just oozes childhood to me. Plus I love her crinkled up nose as she looks directly into the setting sun.

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4 months on {Brisbane Baby Photographer}

I can scarcely believe that it has been 18 weeks, just over 4 months, since my poppet Willow arrived. She truly is a breath of fresh air. Of course, I needed to take some little portraits to document the occasion. So here she is 4 months old. She’s not the greatest on her tummy but the image (of her on her tummy) marks the stage she’s at and that’s what’s important – a memory.

Oh and a girl needs accessories of course and Miss Willow delivers with her amber teething necklace and her little clips (which I adore since they are especially designed for babies and they really do stay in her hair!).

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Miss Tilly {Brisbane Baby Photographer}

Since I haven’t been able to share my last two sessions on the blog, and to make sure my poor blog gets a write up this week, I thought I would share some of Miss Tilly (my best friend’s little baby) who is 5 days younger then Miss Willow – they’ll be best friends forever!!! I’m trying hard though, not to picture the mischievous things they’ll get up to in the years to come.

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