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Day 31 – THE END! {Brisbane Family Photographer}

What better way to end my special little project then with a picture of what it’s all about. Us. My family – 31 January 2010.

We aren’t a perfect family. We have good days and we have bad days. We aren’t always organised.  Sometimes we yell at each other and there are days when there are disagreements. Some days are hard. But. We laugh. We dance. We sing. We cuddle. We are happy and we love each other. We ARE a family.


…and one more for fun!

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Day 30 {Brisbane Family Photographer}

Sometimes I wonder what it would be like for my children to be surrounded by cousins. Lots of cousins their own age to play with whenever they want; to come to their parties; and to be best mates with – something I didn’t have. I was a first born and naturally I had my children first. My brother though, followed along not long after with two beautiful girls somewhat close in age to Byron and Lily. However, he lives a whole state away so the kids don’t get to play much or attend each others parties. Bummer. That said, they still love each other heaps and when they do finally catch up they sure make up for lost time.

My darling niece celebrated her 5th birthday party today and I had the privilege of being there. It was a special day and it was special to watch her interact with Willow whom she had never met. She fussed over her just so, giving her cuddles, toys and letting her wear her special necklaces. Willow lapped up the attention. So beautiful to watch. I only wish my other two could have been there as well. Next time!

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Day 29 {Brisbane Baby Photographer}

It’s funny how one little baby can grow so much in 28 weeks or 202 days. From a newborn 7lb 13oz baby, Willow has grown, so, so big. She has hair – lots more hair then Lily ever had at the same age. She has a voice – not too loud yet but there is no doubt she’ll catch up to the other two in the not too distant future. She has chub, glorious chub. She has big toes and she does this thing where she separates her big toe from all the others – quite bizarre. She wears size 00, weighs around 7kgs and in the past 29 days has embraced food like none of my other kids did. She adores eating.

She’s such a content girl that when she’s upset or cranky I find myself more anxious in trying to figure out what is wrong. She has beautiful blue eyes and a cute button nose.  She still doesn’t roll over and God knows when she will. She’s a slow, easy going little miss. I love her.

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