Day 1 {Brisbane Baby Photographer}

Today marks day one – Day one of a new year. Day one of a new decade. Day one of my photo a day challenge where I embark on the epic journey to take one photograph ever day for the month of January – that’s one photo every single day for 31 days! It is much harder then is sounds and requires lots of motivation (eeeekkkk!).

There is no better way to start my little project then on Willow. Today marks day one of Willow’s food journey – that’s one big milestone in a little person’s life (and a mummy’s too)! At just 10 days shy of 6 months my little poppet pie is ready for food (if you can call a bit of Farex and breast milk food!). ┬áSo today’s picture is her sucking the life out of the spoon after devouring her whole tablespoon of cereal! I think she liked…???

It really is so hard to just try and pick *one* picture to share but that is what I plan on doing. However, that said, because of the nature of today’s picture, I just had to share the beginning of the journey in order for the end to make just that little bit more sense (any excuse).

January 5, 2010 - 9:45 pm

Amanda Keeys - Get out, she is already digging food! So cute. LOVE that first shot of her gorgeous big eyes and the spoon getting a good work-out, hehe.

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