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Day 28 {Brisbane Children’s Photographer}

The best thing about having older siblings to a much younger one is they can take on ‘some’ responsibility when it comes to fun things like entertainment. Byron and Lily are a bundle of fun for Willow. She takes great delight in their presence. She beams when they walk into a room; she laughs when they throw a grin her way…she simply adores them. That’s a good thing really – it means they pick up my slack.

See, I’ve been a little slack with number three when it comes to things like reading *bows head in shame*. Finding the one on one time is much harder when you have to do it three times over, along with everything else. Plus Willow is such a content little thing, happy to just be. So, for the first time the other day I picked up a book and read it to Willow and she was in love. Her eyes sparkled. She quivered with joy and listening to her excellerated breathing was just lovely. Like Byron, it appears my Willow has found a love of books!

This afternoon, I suggested to Lily that she might like to read a story to Willow and that she did…

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Little Oscar {Brisbane Newborn Photographer}

What a special little guy he is…born on Christmas Day seven and half weeks early. He was a pure delight. Tiny, tiny, tiny but oh so beautiful. He was all of 21 days old and weighing in at around 2.5kgs.


Just beautiful. There are so many images from this session that I adore. I could not pick a favourite if I tried! Here are but a few…

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Day 27 {Brisbane Children’s Photographer}

This time last year I was watching my little big man go off to school for the very first time. He had just lost his first tooth. He was growing up. I could hardly believe I had a school aged child! Fast forward 12 months and today my little guy headed into grade 1, seven teeth less, so excited and eager to be back. Driving on the way to school he says to me, “mummy I have flutters in my belly”. I sensed some nerves. Just a little. Well, it isn’t every day you go into grade 1. The nerves faded fast as we headed into class. He found a desk next to a friend, popped his stuff where it needed to go and he was set. My Byron, sitting for the very first time at a proper school desk.


…and then it was time to say good-bye. It was hugs all around!

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