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Day 26 {Brisbane Family Photographer}

Happy Australia Day!!! That’s what the kids have been running around screaming all day long – and I mean that literally! In between listening to the radio and jumping in and out of our big inflatable pool and waving the countless Australian flags, the chant of “happy Australia Day” echoed loudly around our house. Every time they said it, it literally made them laugh! I love how kids embrace a celebration what ever it is. You could be celebrating garbage collection day and they’d be in it.

Today’s photo of a day was a hard one. I LOVE colour and it was so hard to pick one shot that would work as well in Black and White.

Byron decided he wanted to take a picture of Trevor and I. He could barely hold the camera and it only took him 2 shots! (Look carefully and you can see his shadow…)

…and just because I had to share a couple more!!!

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Day 25 {Brisbane Children’s Photographer}

I like pure. I like soul. I like nothingness. Sometimes the eyes say it all. There is no need for a smile; no need for expression. When you have eyes so pure, that is enough. They truly are the windows to the soul.

Lily with her bed hair – awake for only a little while, staring out the window. The glassy eyes, squishy lips and her little piggy nose. Purity at it’s best.

I do wonder, at this point, what she was thinking. I never thought to ask so I guess I’ll never know.

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Beauties {Brisbane Family Photographer}

I swear I get all the best kids in Brisbane to Photograph. Honestly I must, because the cute ones just keep on coming. Just take a squizz at the most gorgeous children below. Little Jack and Kobe are so stinkin’ cute it’s not funny. The only way I could tell them apart was from the little freckle on Kobe’s chin (can you spot which one is Kobe?). Now, Miss Brandi well she is beautiful. Stunning. She has hair, eyes and lashes to die for. Oh how I love my job!

Oh and we can’t forget mum and dad – gorgeous things.

A beautiful family…

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F a c e b o o k