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Little Tia {Brisbane Newborn Photographer}

11 days fresh. So new. So delicious. So scrumptious. There aren’t enough words to describe gorgeous Miss Tia. She was delightful beyond belief. Her big brother Connor also got in on the action – although not for long. Photos weren’t his thing (like most 5.5 year old boys he would rather go play!).

I always share a few too many newborn images but I just can’t not. They’re too yummy not to!

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Miss Lily + Mum and Dad {Brisbane Family Photographer}

So I’ve photographed more children then I can count but my gosh little Miss Lily – all 8 months of her – would have to have the most amazing eyes and eye lashes I’ve ever seen on a baby. Stunning really. I was so excited to get my camera out and get snapping with her. We had indoor and outdoor photos (its nice to get some inside ones for little ones around this age).

It was hard trying to get her to crack a smile but mum and dad were doing their best to make it happen (as you can see in a candid I snapped below) but by golly that face was just as stunning without the smile.

The portrait below would have to be one of my new favourites! I mean, the outfit, the eyes, the pout – what’s not to love!!? 

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Just Because…{Brisbane Family Photographer}

…I love seeing the end result of my photo-a-day project as a collective whole. I’m so proud that I stuck with it and as a result have some lovely memories for my kids! In the end it turned out to be so much fun and I’m looking forward to the next one…

Thank you to all those that followed…for the lovely emails, comments on my blog and facebook fan page. xx


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