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9 months {Brisbane Baby Photographer}

Before I had Willow I had heard the third child in the family just slips right in; a part of the family like they were always meant to be. Well, I’ve come to realise this philosophy most certainly has some merit. Little Willow, now 9 months old – can you believe that already!? – just exists in our little family as though she has been there forever. It’s like her little carseat was meant to sit behind the passenger seat; her highchair at the end of the table to the left of Byron; and her little toys scattered about the place…they are so a part of what and how our family exits I just couldn’t imagine life any different.

So, we’ve had her in our life now for 9 months, but it feels like forever. Life is just blissful, more rich and most certainly more colourful with her in it. She completes me. She completes our family.

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Tiny Ivy {Brisbane Newborn Photographer}

I don’t think you could find a package around town any sweeter then little miss Ivy. So tini tiny at 7 days new. Sigh. She was an absolute dream. Totally perfect in every way (except for the part when she pooed all over me – hazards of the job!).

They say little newborns are such ‘time wasters’ because you stare at them all day long and do nothing else. Although she may not be mine, she has caused me some ‘time wasting’ the last few days when all I do is sit, stare at her little portraits and sigh a million times over at how totally gorgeous she is. They don’t come much more perfect than this…

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Big Sister Love {Brisbane Newborn Photographer}

I was just thinking that I hadn’t had the pleasure of photographing a new little person for a good few weeks, until this little poppet came along. Which was just as well because I was missing the newborn smell, softness, and just plain goodness!

At 2.5 weeks James was so well behaved, so handsome and he had the best big sister going around town. Sibling shots are generally quite difficult to get normally, especially when the older sibling is still little which is almost always the case. Not for James though, his big sister was so full of love for him she could have burst!

And lets not forget James’ big sister…keeping me entertained whilst her little brother had some lunch!

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