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Canon EOS Television Commercial {Brisbane Photographer}

Some of you might recall that back in 2007 I won a Canon competition with a photo I took of Byron blowing bubbles. Approximately 3 months ago Canon approached me to ask whether they could use the photo of Byron in their latest advertising campaign. Naturally, I agreed – who wouldn’t! However, in saying that, I never really gave much consideration to the advertisement. I just assumed my photo would be a small snippet within a number of collected images – never in my wildest dream did I ever imagine the image would appear, as it has in the commercial. When I was contacted by the art director for the television compaign, I was blown away as to how they would be running their new campaign and that my image – my little Byron – would be one of the stars!

Anyway, without further ado, I thought I would share the advertisement (and just for the record, it’s not my voice – they used a voice over model).

Byron was barely five when I took the bubble portrait; a little preschooler! Now he’s growing up before my eyes. He’s going on seven. The bubble picture proudly sits as a massive canvas on my wall. I look at it daily reminiscing about him as a little guy (so cliché yet true). I don’t mind saying that now, he’s a handsome, intelligent, sometimes know-it-all little fellow. I love him dearly.

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Sweetness and Giggles {Brisbane Children’s Photographer}

You know sometimes 18 month olds scare the bejesus out of me – not literally; just to photograph. They move so fast around the place that it’s hard work keeping up with them. Usually you get one, maybe two seconds of eye contact and then they’re on their way again. Not little Mitchell – he was a true champion. He would give me the look, keep it going for a good 10 seconds, look away, give me the look again. It was as though he was just making sure I got ‘the shot’.  Such a warm, sweet natured little man. I wanted to keep him all for myself.

His big sister Madison was not to be forgotten – full of spirt and giggles!

Such cute little poppets to photograph.

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Caius {Brisbane Newborn Photographer}

Sweetness and cream! I swear that’s what this teeny little guy was made of. You must take the time to check out his most beautiful lips! Born 4 weeks early he was only 2.5kgs at our session; only 9 days new.

I bet dad will one day remind him just how little he was when he brings out his Army hat for some good old fashioned reminiscing.

In another 4 weeks he’ll be a completely different little guy, which is why it’s so important to capture them at this fleeting moment.

Sigh. I just love getting my newborn fix when these new little souls come for a visit.

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