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10 Months (and a little more) {Brisbane Baby Photographer}

Ok, so it’s a tad late – like one month late. Thing is, I would have put it up here sooner but I was crazy busy in May (so many wonderful families) that I barely had time to take a picture of Willow let alone blog it. Lucky me though – managed to get just a couple of pictures of her during her tenth month (and some of Lily too!). Now that she has just ticked over to 11 months (and I have some of those photos ready to go), I thought I better make some time to post her at 10 months. So I have.

And my beautiful Lily….Aside from my last post, it’s been a while since she stared in any of my blog entries.

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.Mine. {Brisbane Children’s Photography}

You might have noticed it’s been a while since I photographed my children. I think it’s been 6 months *gasp*. I’ve been so busy photographing everyone else’s little people I’ve barely had time to capture my own. Thankfully, come July I’ll be picking up my camera again for the bi-annual ‘photo of the day’ project, so I’m hoping to capture many more moments and memories.

If truth be told, there is nothing that relaxes me more then editing pictures of my children. Don’t get me wrong, I love a hot bath or a good TV show, but the satisfaction I get in a memory is far more pleasurable. I must preface by saying I love my clients and adore photographing and editing their children’s little faces, but, the pressure is off when I photograph my own children. I can explore and create. If it looks crap, no worries because only I will see it. I love trying out new editing styles and just having fun.

So, here are my children from a recent session just for them. Mine.

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Little Prince Justin {Brisbane Newborn Photographer}

You know sometimes when you see a little newborn you can’t be sure if it’s a boy or a girl? Well not with little Justin. He looked every bit the little prince. At 9 days new he was the biggest little bub I’ve had the pleasure of meeting in such a long while.  He was delightful. He had adorable big brothers who delighted in telling me all about their little model aeroplanes. Ryan particularly rattled off stuff about engines and ‘stuff’ that I clearly had no idea about! He did though – smart little cookie (and check out his proud little face when he showed off his special plane).

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