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Day 31 {Brisbane Family Photographer}

There is no better way to end my project than on a note like this.

I tell myself each day, no matter how rude, emotional or misbehaved they are; no matter how much their fighting and screaming is penetrating to the inner core of my brain, that I am truly lucky. Yes, some days are much harder to remind myself of this fact, but on days like today it is easy.

They are so fun.
So crazy.
So emotional.
So loved…


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Day 30 {Brisbane Children’s Photographer}

We headed out for a princess party this afternoon to celebrate the 4th birthday of little Ella. Lily dressed as Snow White…heals and crown mandatory (according to her).

I just wanted a quick snap, for my photo of the day, and the following conversation ensued:

Me: “Go and stand over there for me please Lily”
Lily: “Here?”
Me: “Yes please. Ok look at me and smile”
Lily: “Like this?”
Me: “Maybe just act a bit natural…be a princess”
Lily: “Like this…?”
Me:  Click. Click. Click. Click “Ok. We’re all finished now”

Lily…3 years 11 months. Born to be a princess.

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Day 29 {Brisbane Baby Photographer}

She might be one and heading into toddlerhood in the not too distant future, but as long as she fits into her wondersuits she will always be my baby.

There is something to be said about the great Australian Wondersuit.  There’s no disputing it’s an icon. There’s not a baby around town that can’t pull off looking cute in a nice freshly laundered suit. It’s synonymously baby.

When Byron was born, he had a few but I tendered to rush him straight into flannies and more ‘child like’ pyjamas. Little did I know back then just how quickly they grow and how quickly everything baby disappears. When Lily came along, I had learnt my lesson with Byron and so I became much more appreciative of the size 2 wondersuits. I fell in love and even found some cool tie dyed ones around the place. Over the years my collection has grown and Willow now has many. She snuggly fits into size 0 (just how I like them) but slowly the size 1s are coming into play – they’re still a little big, but what’s a girl to do when all the size 0s are in the wash?

So, if all goes to plan, I will get another wonderful winter of wondersuit goodness. I have my size 2′s all ready come June/July 2011.

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