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Day 28 {Brisbane Photographer}

Flowers are beautiful and that’s why they smell nice...” Wonderfully wise words from the most sweetest of flowers, Lily.

Alas, no Lilies today, but Orchids. If only I had the pleasure of their company more often.

So beautiful. So fresh. So lovely. Lily was right – they smell ‘nice’.

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Day 27 {Brisbane Baby Photographer}

Sometimes the best portraits are the ones that say nothing instantly; the ones that draw you in and make you wonder. My favourite kind really.

When I stare at this portrait of Willow I see so much more than if she were looking at me smiling. I see a little hand delicately holding onto the side of the basket…perhaps for a little support, not sure of the environment.

I see her little mouth ajar ever so slightly indicating her demeanour is not one for which I need worry.

Although I know what she’s looking at, I wonder what she’s seeing; what she’s thinking.

Her pose lasted for mere seconds but now my memories of it last forever…

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Carter {Brisbane Newborn Photographer}

Sigh. I really could just keep repeating myself over and over again with all the lovely newborns I have the pleasure to encounter. They are so amazing and I often find myself just spending a few minutes here and there staring at them, stroking their little heads and smelling their wonderful newborn scent. Seriously, and it may sound cliche but there is no where else I’d rather be spending my time.

I had the absolute pleasure of gracing little Carter’s life recently. He was as cute as a button – those lips! – and one that is incredibly loved.

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