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Day 26 {Brisbane Children’s Photographer}

Answer me one question….what’s the point of having a plate if you’re going to eat off the table?

Only a little kid would get away with eating like this…

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Day 25 {Brisbane Baby Photographer}

Surely I’m not the only mother who has difficulty keeping slip on shoes on her baby. Surely not…?

Willow is the worst of my three when it comes to shoes. Byron and Lily were such good shoe wearers. Willow on the other hand, is hopeless. There are many times when I’m stopped at the shops by a stranger handing me a shoe. Or there are times I put her in the car with a pair of shoes on and when I go to unstrap her the shoes are no where to be seen. Granted she only has little feet and sometimes the shoes are a tad big, but sometimes they’re snug and they still manage to fall off.

I’ve become one of those paranoid mums forever checking and feeling to make sure she still has her shoes attached to her feet. Alas today was a day when I spent more time putting her Uggs on than I spent doing anything else. Sigh. Needless to say I lost the battle of the shoe and gave up!

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Day 24 {Brisbane Maternity Photographer}

I honestly have no idea where time went. One minute I’m pregnant and the next my sister is about to have her first baby! What the…?

So today I had the honour, along with the help of some beautiful people, to throw my sister a baby shower. Lots of yummy food and great company made for a very beautiful day.

I’m busting with excitement to meet my little niece, but until then I’ll just have to sit tight and think of all the fun things I can do with her once she arrives. Cuddles. Kisses. Photos. Some snuggling and some spoiling. Perhaps some more photos.  Hmmm….you know what I’m going to love most of all (besides the cuddles of course) is handing her back and snuggling into my bed for a full nights sleeps!

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