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Blake Winter {Brisbane Newborn Photographer}

As a general rule I prefer to photograph babies under 10 days of age. They tend to be more sleepy, curly and complying. That’s not to say there aren’t exceptions to the rule, because there is always an exception! Little Miss Blake is one of them. She was 3 weeks and 1 day old at our session. She slept beautifully for a good portion of the session; had the cutest round face and the most amazing head of hair (loving all the gorgeous hair of late).

Blake’s parents wanted more classic, simple portraits – no props; hats or other bits and pieces. Here are some of my favourites from her session.

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Big Brother. Little Brother. {Brisbane Newborn Photographer}

Bishop, 2 years, and his little brother Siah, 15 days new, were a delight to photograph.

How exciting to have another big chubby bub straight after another! Siah was born over 10lbs and 58cms long with the most silky blonde hair! It was divine. Generally, I like to photograph my newborns under 14 days of age, mostly around 8 or 9 days. However, he was a dream baby and slept the whole session…except at the end when it was time for some photos with mum and dad!

I love when siblings come along to newborn shoots. My heart lies in photographing children just as much as it does with newborns, so it’s always fun. It was such a refreshing change having a little kid to photograph since my last 8 sessions have all been newborns. Since, I had the delight of sharing the camera with two lovely subjects, naturally I’m sharing far too many yet again!

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Amelia {Brisbane Newborn Photographer}

There is something so delightful about a chubby baby – and a chubby baby with hair even better! Little Amelia, 11 days new, was born over 9lbs and 58cms long. In looking at her mummy, I had no idea where such a big girl fit…! Baked just perfectly if you ask me. She was such a content little soul who slept so peacefully for our entire session.

Because she was so good to me, there are so many wonderful portraits I wanted to share, but seriously I couldn’t share them all. However, it was just too hard to narrow it down too much, so here are a *few* of my favourites!

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