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The Sweetest Thing {Brisbane Family Photographer}

Little Miss Tayla is growing by the day. I can’t believe how much she looks and acts like a real little girl – and by that, I don’t mean I thought she looked and acted like a boy, not at all. See, the last two occasions I’ve had the opportunity to photograph this family (when Tayla was all but a newborn and then again at 11 months) she was such a little baby. Now she’s a real little girl. It was obvious by the way she walked and swung those little arms side by side; the way she pursed her lips in a cheeky little grin; and the way she held and cared for her baby ever so.

I really love to watch children grow through my lens. It’s a privilege and when I’m editing sessions I’ll often pull up some portraits form sessions past and compare how far they’ve come. Miss Tayla has come far. She is the sweetest thing.

We also had the pleasure of the company of Tayla’s big twin cousins who wanted in on the action too.

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14 Months {Brisbane Baby Photographer}


Now 14 months of age.

On a side note – some studio news – if you have a baby between the ages of 6 and 9 months you might be interested in the baby mini sessions I’m offering to my Facebook ‘Likers’. Just head on over to my page for more information.

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Sweet Scarlett {Brisbane Newborn Photographer}

As so many of you know, I had the absolute pleasure of witnessing the birth of my littlest niece, Scarlett, nearly three weeks ago. It was a beautiful, amazing experience; one which I’m so very thankful for.  Well, as a natural course of events, I also had an opportunity to spend a few days capturing the essence of little Scarlet, from the baby fuzz on her ears to her tiny little toes. She truly is, as all newborns are, a wonder like nothing else. Sigh. I never tire, no matter how physically taxing they are to photograph (and they are), of capturing these tiny, new little souls.

Before I share all the beautiful pictures I had the opportunity to take, I had a bit of fun with a few images I’ve wanted to capture for a good while after being inspired by Baby As Art (wonderful American newborn photographers). I think my little animation (and please note I’m no animator and it’s a very simple approach – but you get the drift) describes the effect perfectly.

Meet, miss Scarlett, a true individual. She’s a feisty little sausage, who smiles a million smiles. She has wonderful soft skin, beautiful blue eyes, and a head of hair I could only dream my three would have (alas they were practically bald). Born with her hand up by her face, it was only fitting she would try to keep it there at every opportunity. She was delightful to photograph (except for the excess washing she seemed to always leave behind!).

Naturally, I could not stop at one, or two images, so you get to see at least one third of all the beauty I managed to see through my lens.

Ohh…and for those photographers (or mummies) looking for fab hats, you can get them HERE.

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