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Charlotte {Brisbane Newborn Photographer}

11 days new yet so wide eyed and wonderful. Seriously, little miss Charlotte had the most amazing eyes (and matching eyelashes)  I’ve seen in a little newborn.

She was just lovely and it was a pleasure to spend a few hours in her company.

You know, it still amazes me how unique and individual each and every little newborn soul is. I often wonder who they’ll become in the years to come.

Miss Charlotte is sure to be gorgeous. There is no doubt about that.

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To Wait… {Brisbane Maternity Photographer}

Waiting for your little one to arrive feels like forever. FOR. EVER. Nine long months, but there is no argument the prize at the end is so, so worth it!

I’m looking forward to meeting the little poppet pie baking away in side his mumma’s belly! Naturally, there’s no doubt his mumma is looking forward to it a million more times than I.

Not long now…!

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Loved {Brisbane Family Photographer}

Little Cody was one of the first little people I ever photographed. His amazing blonde hair and his light brown eyes haven’t changed a single bit in the years that have followed. They are still amazing. However, since then, his family has changed – having grown by one more through the grace of his little sister Alivia, who just celebrated her 2nd birthday.

They are loved. Truly loved little beings. I watched and listened as their parents danced around singing nursery rhymes and Wiggles songs in the hope of getting Alivia to crack a smile. She did more than that; she danced and sang along with them. So adorable to watch and it made my heart happy to see such loved little children. The world needs more parents like them.

It was such a fun session, with so many wonderful moments to share!

Cody and Alivia were such wonderful little subjects who waited ever so patiently for the session to end so they could play with some bubbles. Of course, I couldn’t let my camera rest at a time like this so I captured some of their fun…

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