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Pigeon Pair {Brisbane Family Photographer}

It’s so fun when I get to photograph little kids around the same age as my own because I get to see what they’re up to – not that I set out to compare. I’m just so amazed at how uniquely individual all these little souls are. Master Archer and my sweet Willow just so happen to be all but days apart in age, but looking at Archer you wouldn’t think so. If you stood Mr Handsome next to Willow he would surely tower over her…he was so full of chubby goodness and so curious in his ways (something I’m not used to). He had the most adorable little expressions whilst he toddled (or should I say ‘ran’) around. Delightfully refreshing.

Abbi, soon to be Miss 4, is just beautiful, and looking at the photos you’ll have to agree. So cheeky and loveable. We talked flowers, and colours and TV characters. We talked jewellery and fairies. Sigh. Three is such a whimsical, beautiful age. The world through their eyes is so freeing.

We must not forget the parents, because as good parents know, their children are a reflection of them…which means Abbi and Archer are two lucky children indeed…

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Master Obi {Brisbane Newborn Photographer}

Meet Master Obi. Sweet. Sweet Obi.

One of my favourite things about being a newborn photographer is meeting new little, untouched souls. I love to stare at them, stroke their heads and wonder; wonder what they’re thinking. I like to wonder who they are and what they’ll become.

Little Obi was such an old soul. He had a presence that I can’t explain. So serene – no doubt a reflection of his beautiful parents.

Shooting little newborns in clothes is not something I readily do, since I prefer the simpleness of newborn skin. In saying that though, there are always exceptions to the rule and little Obi was the perfect one, wearing his first ever collared shirt.

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A Day at the Farm {Brisbane Family Photographer}

I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before…that the purpose of my recent holidays, aside from some much needed time away, was to have my very own family portraits taken. I get such joy from looking at all the families I get to photograph along the way, and often make a mental note in my head that I too must create some memories for my own family. Sure I take photos of my kids, but not as often as I would like these days. As for Trevor, well he doesn’t make much of an appearance in my pictures, and, of course it goes without saying that I very rarely ever get the opportunity to be on the other side of the camera.

So, with the kids in tow, we packed up the car and headed to a Bathurst farm so the most talented of photographers, Jen Stocks, could take our family portraits. To say she did an amazing job is, well, an understatement. There are no words to describe just how much it means to have beautiful family memories to treasure all of my own. I adore them with every inch of my soul. As always, she captures such joy and happiness and general goodness in her images. If you would like to take a look at my family portraits, you can check them out HERE

So, that brings me to the entry below, and the most gorgeous of families captured within. Meet, Damien, Jen, Dusty, Beau and Mitch. I know she knows this already, but Jen is the luckiest of ladies to be surrounded by the most gorgeous of boys…amazing beauty, inside and out.

I had such a fun time following them around their gorgeous surrounds – sigh…so absolutely beautiful – and exploring things and places I’ve never ever been. She has a dream location for photographers and it’s her own back yard. That’s so totally cool if you ask me. I’ve always wanted to venture into a crop (they’re oats if you’re wondering) to shoot and am so chuffed I got the opportunity on this occasion.

Anyway, that’s enough of a ramble from me. I hope you enjoy the rather large *blush* selection of images from a very special session.

Miss Jen…thank you once again…I so truly hope these images touch you like yours did me. xxx

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