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Miss Olivia {Brisbane Baby Photographer}

I know I’ve mentioned it before but I get totally excited when I see a baby with hair (mainly because mine barley had any. Lily didn’t have her first hair cut until she was 3). I had heard that little Miss Olivia, 10 weeks of age, had a beautiful head of hair but it wasn’t until I laid eyes on her that I discovered she certainly had beautiful locks; beyond beautiful actually. Her hair was as soft as silk and so perfectly coloured for her eyes.

Ten weeks of age is a difficult age to capture (for variety). Babies are too old for the ‘newbornish’ poses and two young to do a variety of things such as lying on their belly and sitting up. So generally, when I ‘m shooting babies of this beautiful age , aside from their sweet faces, I try to capture the lilttle bits of them, like I might do with a newborn, as well as interaction between the parents and their babe.

Oliva was the perfect little subject and I had a ball capturing every inch of her, and it isn’t hard to see why…

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Radiant Beauty {Brisbane Maternity Photographer}

Some women just wear pregnancy so well. It’s as though they are born to be pregnant. I know it’s cliche but I still think it’s true – they glow; radiate even. I can remember, throughout the grips of my Hyperemesis Gravidarum that I so desperately wanted to be one of those women. I searched for the ‘glow’ but alas I don’t believe I found it whilst growing any of my three beauties.

I’m OK with never finding that elusive beauty for myself, because I get to experience the next best thing – the radiant, glow I see in all the expectant mothers I have the pleasure of meeting. There is nothing more beautiful then watching a mother to be who has all but a few weeks to wait until she meets her beautiful baby. A father and a soon to be sister, waiting to meet the new addition to their family, is as close as it gets.

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