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Miss Olivia {Brisbane Baby Photographer}

I know I’ve mentioned it before but I get totally excited when I see a baby with hair (mainly because mine barley had any. Lily didn’t have her first hair cut until she was 3). I had heard that little Miss Olivia, 10 weeks of age, had a beautiful head of hair but it wasn’t until I laid eyes on her that I discovered she certainly had beautiful locks; beyond beautiful actually. Her hair was as soft as silk and so perfectly coloured for her eyes.

Ten weeks of age is a difficult age to capture (for variety). Babies are too old for the ‘newbornish’ poses and two young to do a variety of things such as lying on their belly and sitting up. So generally, when I ‘m shooting babies of this beautiful age , aside from their sweet faces, I try to capture the lilttle bits of them, like I might do with a newborn, as well as interaction between the parents and their babe.

Oliva was the perfect little subject and I had a ball capturing every inch of her, and it isn’t hard to see why…

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Radiant Beauty {Brisbane Maternity Photographer}

Some women just wear pregnancy so well. It’s as though they are born to be pregnant. I know it’s cliche but I still think it’s true – they glow; radiate even. I can remember, throughout the grips of my Hyperemesis Gravidarum that I so desperately wanted to be one of those women. I searched for the ‘glow’ but alas I don’t believe I found it whilst growing any of my three beauties.

I’m OK with never finding that elusive beauty for myself, because I get to experience the next best thing – the radiant, glow I see in all the expectant mothers I have the pleasure of meeting. There is nothing more beautiful then watching a mother to be who has all but a few weeks to wait until she meets her beautiful baby. A father and a soon to be sister, waiting to meet the new addition to their family, is as close as it gets.

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Pigeon Pair {Brisbane Family Photographer}

It’s so fun when I get to photograph little kids around the same age as my own because I get to see what they’re up to – not that I set out to compare. I’m just so amazed at how uniquely individual all these little souls are. Master Archer and my sweet Willow just so happen to be all but days apart in age, but looking at Archer you wouldn’t think so. If you stood Mr Handsome next to Willow he would surely tower over her…he was so full of chubby goodness and so curious in his ways (something I’m not used to). He had the most adorable little expressions whilst he toddled (or should I say ‘ran’) around. Delightfully refreshing.

Abbi, soon to be Miss 4, is just beautiful, and looking at the photos you’ll have to agree. So cheeky and loveable. We talked flowers, and colours and TV characters. We talked jewellery and fairies. Sigh. Three is such a whimsical, beautiful age. The world through their eyes is so freeing.

We must not forget the parents, because as good parents know, their children are a reflection of them…which means Abbi and Archer are two lucky children indeed…

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