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Caius – Pt 2 {Brisbane Baby Photographer}

Some of you might remember little Caius as a newborn. He was delightful and had the most amazing lips I’d ever seen on a baby. Well, here he is 9 months on, as cute as can be, and with lips and eyes, and cheeks and hair (and everything) so perfectly perfect.

I must sound like a broken record, but I just can’t help it…babies 8 and 9 months are so wonderful to photograph. They really are. For as long as I have my camera I will always love capturing babies of this age – especially when they are as expressive and handsome as the little man below.

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Smile. Smile. {Brisbane Baby Photographer}

Watching people interact in their own environment would have to be one of my favourite things to photograph. There is nothing more beautiful; more real; more simple then that. ‘Lifestyle’ photography as it is often termed is something I wish I could do more of, but I do find so many of my clients, as I did recently with my own portraits,  opt for an environment away from their own surrounds, which of course, I also love to photograph. If you are looking at booking a session, give some thought to having the session in your own home to create some portraits unique to your family.

I am so lucky to have been able to photograph little Ahsha, 6 months, together with her beautiful parents at her home recently. Gosh, they just adored her and that was plan for all to see, and to feel. They simply could not wipe their smiles of their face whenever they laid eyes on little Ahsha. I bet they didn’t even realise that was the case, but I did – I saw it in every. single. photo I captured.

We opted for some traditional portraits, followed by some not so traditional ones. I had such a fun time meeting these beautiful people!!

Oh and you will spot some amazing art work in some of these pictures. Little Ahsha’s mum is rather talented if I do say so myself. Really talented actually!

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Jordan {Brisbane Newborn Photographer}

I am in awe each and every time a new baby visits my studio. Total awe at the love that bounces around the room. New parent love is the best. The baby moon is like no other time in your life. I wish I could revisit it again…it truly is three of the most memorable chapters of my life.

Little Jordan and his parents are right there, right now, creating their own memorable chapters. The first of many I’m sure.

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