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Family {Brisbane Photographer}

Photographing extended families is not the easiest thing in the world to do! When you get lots of faces it becomes quite difficult to co-ordinate everything so when Natalie asked me to photograph her beautiful family I was a tad nervous. Of course, in hindsight I need not have worried as they were the most perfect of families to photograph, making everything so much easier then I expected. Little Ivy and Hartley were of course my favourites of the day (no offence to the big people!!). They were delightfully cute and I LOVE cute little people. Ivy, soon to be big sister, and whom you might remember as a newborn, has grown so big and is still too adorable for words. It must run in the family because Hartley is going to make a few eyelashes shutter when he’s older! No doubt about it…

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Friday’s Favourites {Children’s Photographer}

After I had Byron, who was obviously a boy, I never imagined I would find myself the mother of a girl, let alone two girls. I just figured I’d have all boys. Funny now when I look back because I think if I ever had a forth baby, it would in all likelihood be another girl!

My girls are so different in every way from mannerisms to looks. Although people tell me they look a like, I don’t see it. I see so much of Willow in Byron, but nothing comes through of Lily. The same with personality, one is a princess and the other a mother. Lily is not, nor was she ever a mother type toddler but Willow, well, she is as mothering as it gets. Lily and Willow are nearly 3 years apart and at different stages of childhood. Lily doesn’t have the patience for Willow that Byron has. Because, of that and since they don’t share the same interests, they don’t play together on too many occasions. Sure Lily reads Willow stories and stops to give her a cuddle, but when I really think about it, they don’t play. I wonder if when they’re older it will be the same. Are their personalities and interests just too different to warrant a beautiful friendship? I hope not. But I have wondered.

So they don’t play together often but I know they love each other. I know by the sheer fact they’re sisters and that has got to count for something.

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Alexander {Brisbane Newborn Photographer}

I don’t believe in all the newborns I’ve had the pleasure of photographing, that any have had hair quite like Master Alex. His head of hair could seriously grace the pages of fashion’s greatest style magazines. His sideburns were beyond amazing. He, like so many before him, made my heart sing. His parents love was truly evident and it was bouncing all over the room. There’s no denying it’s pretty obvious genetics played a great part in his gorgeous hair!

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