Friday’s Favourites {Brisbane Baby Photographer}

Scarlekk“, quietly exits her lips as she promptly kisses a picture she has found in my room. “Mwwwwaaaah”.
Guess who is coming to visit soon?
Scarlekk!” “Scarlekk!”, she squeals as she anticipates the arrival of her little friend. It’s been weeks since they’ve seen each other and Willow can hardly contain her excitement at their soon to be encounter.
The hours tick by until it’s time. She jumps up and down with anticipation, singing with joy as she watches Lily run to Aunty Natalie’s car.
Look who it is Willow“, I tell her as Natalie  hands Scarlett to me. I fight for my cuddle but it is useless trying to have her to myself, even for a moment. I lean down and put Scarlett on the floor. Willow pops down to her level, leans in as she tries staring into Scarlett’s eyes and  ever so gently, promptly lands a kiss on her lips.
Scarlekk” she says as she leans in for another kiss. The smile that lights up her face says it all. She has missed her little friend.

They played. They hugged. They kissed; Willow kissed more. Scarlett preferred to smile and coo. For an hour Willow wanted nothing more then to play as she shared her toys as much as any toddler can; and to cuddle and kiss but all in a smothering kind of way. It was as beautiful sight as one can witness. I wanted it to last forever but by the time I picked up my camera, the love had worn thin and there was nothing left to witness.

As she waved goodbye to Scarlett, Willow gently put her hands to her lips and blew her one last kiss, “Bye Scarlekk“.  She then stared up at me planting one cheeky little grin my way, knowing my camera was sitting where I left it, despondent at its failed attempts to capture a perfect moment.

Next time…

by nicolera


May 20, 2011 - 9:24 pm

Natalie - Oh how beautiful! It is so precious watching willow with Scarlett. She just loves her dearly. They are going to be the greatest friends. Well written as always! Precious photo. Xxx

May 21, 2011 - 11:24 pm

Karen Pfeiffer - I don’t know how you can’t think that image is as perfect as it gets my friend. Sometimes to remember the moments like this is more important than anything you could set up. I love it – I think it’s just beautiful, and so “them”. They’ll love it too, as they grow up over the years… xx

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