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A Beautiful Song {Brisbane Family Photographer}

To say I’m loving my Beloved Sessions would be an understatement. I love celebrating genuine connections in families and couples. I love giving them a stage to do their own thing; to sing their family’s song and capture that magic along the way. It’s rewarding on so many levels. The smirks, the smiles, the giggles and laughter. That twinkle in the eye when they smile.  The look of wonder, the joy of a dance in the sun. The touch of a face and the holding of hands. They’re snippets of life, not to be forgotten, but to be remembered.

Another beautiful family I saw dance on the stage of life. A witness, through the eyes of my camera.

Enjoy their beautiful song.

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Soon {Brisbane Maternity Photographer}

A playmate.
Little brother.
Another to love; to hold; to cradle close.

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Together {Brisbane Family Photographer}

When I was in high school I had a very special friend, not the imaginary kind of course, but a friend who made me laugh and cry all at the same time. A friend who was truly beautiful on the inside and out; one who rejected the typical 90s culture and embraced peace and love. I swear she should have been born in the 60s. She was obsessed with the Beatles, so much so that when ever I hear a Beatle’s song I’m immediately taken a back to her bedroom clad from top to bottom with John Lennon memorabilia.

Her name is Leisa and we’ve been friends for 20 years.

She makes me laugh, now more than ever. We can talk for hours, but unfortunately as time and life would have it, we don’t do that enough. I fondly remember her wedding and the birth of her first-born and all the others that have followed; five beautiful babies. She is an amazing mother. One I can only aspire to be like. Her family is beautiful. Full of laughter, a great deal of love,  and so much more. They are truly together.

Meet my friend and her beautiful family.

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