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Sunshine and Happiness {Brisbane Family Photographer}

The last time I photographed this family was way back when Madi was around 6 months old. Now, 2 years on, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and photographing the latest little addition to this beautiful family – little Miss Sophie, 7 months.

It was very exciting to spend an afternoon with them once again. See, it’s exciting because they live all the way in London…you couldn’t really get further away from little ol’ me if you tried. So, I’m rather fortunate to have had the opportunity to capture them not once, but twice.

Now they’re back in old London town, and I bet they’re missing our beautiful sunny Queensland weather already…how could you not?!

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Smile. Smile. {Brisbane Family Photographer}

Watch out!
Smiling is contagious,
You can catch it like the flu.
This beautiful family smiled at me today,
A lot.
I started smiling too.

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Friday’s Favourites {Brisbane Award Winning Photographer}

Happy days in our house this week. It’s birthday week. First cab off the rank is Trevor.

I’ve always been excited about birthdays even before I had children because lets face it, it really is a special day. However, there’s something about the way my children add another level of excitement to the birthday event that makes them the most beautiful of days. I love the way they can’t, or chose not to, tell the difference between a simple cake over some extravagant master piece which took hours to prepare. So long as there is a candle and a ‘happy birthday’ song, they are as happy as happy can be. They don’t care the presents aren’t perfectly wrapped, and in gender specific paper, or even that they don’t belong to them. They really do relish in the simple act of being together as a family celebrating the happiest of happy days. They make me see birthdays through fresh, clear eyes and for that I am grateful.

Happy birthday to the loveliest of men and the greatest of fathers. I’m sure my children would agree. xx

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