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A day at the beach {Brisbane Family Photographer}

I try very hard to never plan any sessions I go to, whether that be a newborn or family shoot. If you plan a session too much, you’re only ever going to be disappointed with the outcome because you’ll feel like you never achieved what you set out to. So, if you have limited preconceived notions of what you want to achieve, you can’t ever be disappointed. It’s ok to plan elements of the shoot as in what you wear and where your shoot, but as for the subject matter, I try never to plan anything. Children and newborns are unpredictable – they don’t follow rules and guidelines too well. Often making them do what you want them to do creates stress for everyone involved and doesn’t make for the loveliest of pictures. They want to do their own thing, when they want to do it. And you know what..? That’s fine with me. This is what I absolutely love about photographing children in particular, they create their own story. A story unique to them and their family.

Little Jacob, created his on story the day we went along to the beach. You see, he had never been to the beach before. He loved the sand, but when he spotted the water he was off and no matter how many times we turned him away from the water, he walked right back. According to him, that’s where he wanted to spend the afternoon. And that’s where we spent a good portion of it. I feel so privileged to have been along for the ride, capturing his first real experience at the beach, in the waves. How cool to have that documented for prosperity.

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Kyle {Brisbane Newborn Photographer}

You might recognise these beautiful people. I had the upmost pleasure of photographing little Kyle’s entry into the world a few months back. It was truly one of the most amazing experiences of 2011 (you can see the birth slideshow here).

Well, here he is again. Sweet, gorgeous baby Kyle and his big, beautiful sister Tayla.

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