Friday’s Favourites {Brisbane Photographer}

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She had waited for nearly six whole years to get her sparkly ears. “Mum, when can I get my ears pieced?” was a regular catch phrase, especially since she started school. I had always told her when she was six. I don’t know why I had six in mind, perhaps because I was older when I got mine done and I guess each year just rolled around and six seemed like a nice, round, ear piecing digit.

So, one month and a bit shy of her 6th birthday we decided the time was right and off we went. The whole process was so easy and very kid friendly. Before we knew it, no tears later, we were done, she was chuffed and that was that.

And next came Willow. I had not made up my mind until the very end, after Lily had gotten her ears done, as to whether I wanted to do Willow as well. In the end, and in the interests of simplicity that comes with having them done at the same time, I decided to do it. She did cry and in that moment I felt like a mean mummy, but less then 30 seconds later, she smiled through her tears as she looked at her pretty ears in the mirror and she hasn’t said a word about it since.

And the finished product a few minutes later.

by nicolera


July 27, 2012 - 7:06 pm

jem - Oh Yay! They look adorable xoxox

August 4, 2012 - 11:05 pm

Brie - How cute!!! They look great :)
I love how Byron is holding Willow’s hand for moral support as she is getting hers pierced. What a great big brother!

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