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Friday’s Favourites {Brisbane Photographer}

No words. Just pictures.

Happy Friday friends. xx

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Frederick {Brisbane Newborn Photographer}

Sigh. Little Frederick, 7 weeks new (yes you read right – he was 7 weeks old and born full term), was one of the dreamiest little poppets I have ever photographed. It was hard to believe I was posing this little guy in the positions I was.

I just adored his little face and manner and he, and is equally stunning mum and dad, made for one of my most favourite sessions ever! I hope you enjoy it too.

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Friday’s Favourites {Brisbane Photographer}

I haven’t blogged much this year. I must confess it’s been a difficult year so far. That coupled with busyness in general on account of work, kids and everything that encompasses life, has meant little time for it. I am going to try and change that where I can. I have many wonderful sessions to share, and although I have shared a few in the past weeks, there are so many beautiful pictures of beautiful families and babies laying idol on my computer waiting to be shared with the world.

What has saddened me most about 2012 is that I haven’t had a great deal of time to take portraits of my own children. Aside from my January project, Willow’s party and two other occasions my ‘big camera’ (as I like to call it) has barely left my camera bag, except to photograph other people of course. As a photographer that’s pretty poor. Don’t they say a plumber’s tap always drips? But that said, I have developed a new love when it comes to capturing the day to day adventures of my family and this love doesn’t involve my ‘big camera’. It’s my point and shoot, more commonly known as the iPhone, and more particularly instagram.

I love the versatility of my iPhone, and whist it certainly doesn’t replace my big camera (because that will always have its place), it allows me to see the ordinary and everything in between. It’s always in arms’ reach and I take it everywhere I go. I try to take a photo a day and more if I can…simple memories but the most important ones of all. Whilst my original Friday’s Favourites used to consist of portraits taken with my ‘big camera’, things evolve so from now on, every Friday, I hope to still share some of my favourite images. But these favourite images will be of the Instagram variety.

In the meantime, if you’re on instagram you can follow me anytime @nic_ramsay.

So here are lots of bits and pieces…just incidental stuff in the life of the Ramsay family.

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