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To Wait… {Brisbane Maternity Photographer}

Waiting for your little one to arrive feels like forever. FOR. EVER. Nine long months, but there is no argument the prize at the end is so, so worth it!

I’m looking forward to meeting the little poppet pie baking away in side his mumma’s belly! Naturally, there’s no doubt his mumma is looking forward to it a million more times than I.

Not long now…!

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Mummy to be… {Brisbane Maternity Photographer}

To My Mummy To Be ….
(John Mitchell)

I’m getting ready for the time
I’ll come and live with you.
And make your dreams of Motherhood
And little me come true.

I’ve packed some gurgles sweet and clear,
And filled a bag with smiles.
And a pair of lungs you ought to hear
For miles and miles and MILES.

I’ve packed a bunch of lusty yells,
And quite a lot of crying.
I hope it won’t annoy you
‘Cos it’s awful satisfying.

I’ve packed some baby cuddles and
A simply ‘normous thirst,
So many nice wet kisses,
My lugguge nearly burst.

And now I find there isn’t room
For any little clothes.
So Mammy Dear, I ‘cerely hope
You’re looking after those.

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Day 6 {Brisbane Maternity Photographer}

I’m beyond excited about the arrival of my impending niece. It’s funny, I have been known to lay in bed at night and wonder what she might look like! Since her daddy is Greek I figure she’ll have lots of dark hair (I’m hoping anyway, since newborns with lots of hair are so much fun to photograph), a button nose and beautiful blue eyes (my sister’s of course). You know, I actually think I’ve seen her in my dreams…a dark curly haired little girl running along side Willow. Sigh. As I sit here and type, this makes me smile

How nice it will be for Willow to have a little cousin all for herself….I think she’s excited!

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