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Endless Love {Brisbane Children’s Photographer}

As parents there isn’t much we wouldn’t do to help our kids…most would go to the ends of the earth if the need arose. Most would agree that you indeed live a lucky life if there is never a need for you to reach out for those ends, in order to protect your children. That’s what makes the parents of these children special. They will do anything for their children and the sad part is, they have already had to go beyond where you or I will ever need to.

Little James, nearly 6, is suffering from Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, an insidious gender-linked (in 99% of cases) muscle-wasting disease that leaves little boys (and in some cases, girls) unable to walk before they make their teenage years. As there is no cure, Duchenne results in premature death by late teens/early adulthood in 100% of cases. You can read more about James’ story and his parents, Julian and Sharryn’s, quest to find a cure for their little boy here and here. Perhaps if you see fit, you can lend a helping hand.

James, Charlyse (nearly 5), Saraya (2 years) and Patrick (6 months) were just the most wonderful children to photograph. I know I say that all the time (and it’s always true) but they really were. So full of smiles, spirit and fun – just the way I like them!

Generally, it’s hard with a session encompassing four children to go light on in the blog department and of course thats no different in this case. I offer no apologies!

Meet James, Charlyse, Saraya and Patrick…

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Sweet Charlotte {Brisbane Family Photographer}

Little Charlotte, all two and half years of her, is one sweet kid with an ever so sweet dimple! I count myself lucky to have been able to capture her vibrant little personality, along with that of her family. You can tell just how much she is loved and how much joy she brings.

She was a real little crack up, oozing personality as these portraits will attest…

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Sweet Little Girls {Brisbane Children’s Photographer}

This is the third time I’ve had the pleasure of photographing these sweet little girls. Miss Stella was just over 1 the first time I photographed her and now she has just turned three. She is definitely the character amongst the girls. Miss Eliza has grown so much since I photographed her as a tini tiny newborn; now a toddler through and through. And, the eldest little miss Sophie. Sigh. She’s such a delight. A precious little thing. It really is so much fun capturing them as they grow.

They came dressed in their little tutus and as always were such a pleasure to shoot.

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