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The New Me {Brisbane Photographer}

You know those times in your life when you’re bored. You’re bored with what you see, what you hear and what you do (per sae of course). Well that was me with my photography. Now I wasn’t bored with the actual photography and meeting all my beautiful clients (I could NEVER be bored of that), but by golly was I bored with my website, my blog and all my ‘bits and pieces’. So, 7 months ago, I embarked on a journey to change what I saw.

I wanted something that reflected me. Something that was truly representative of my work and my love with regards to photography – children. My dear old lady beetle, whilst she served me well for the last two years, was truly, when I look back now, not representative of my work.

I sought the help of the wonderfully talented Erika Jessop in my quest for renewal of all things me…and boy did she deliver! I wanted whimsical, fun, lovely, fresh and inviting. I wanted hand drawn and childish. Most of all, I wanted to LOVE it; and that I did.

So, here you have it, 7 months of hard work… finally, the new me. The new Nicole Ramsay Photography. Everything is fresh and new…my website has finally been updated and I have all nice new lovely ‘bits and pieces’ for my clients which I can’t wait to share.

*Sigh* I’m so very excited!

Just because, a post wouldn’t be the same without a picture of some kind, here are my wonderful new business cards.

Oh and please, let me know what you think…I appreciate the feedback very much…


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