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Totally Inspired! {Brisbane Family Photographer}

I’ve been missing in action the last few weeks. My apologies for that. I’ve had so much going on these past few weeks that I’ve had little time to blog! Sigh. Not to worry, hopefully I’m back on track now.

Before I share a gorgeous family from a recent shoot I just had to mention how absolutely fantastic Ms Barb Uil aka Jinky’s photography workshop was. It was the most amazing and inspiring weekend I’ve had in a long while. I’d like to think I learned a fair bit whilst I was there. I mean seriously, she was the nicest lady and truly is a star in children’s portraiture! I can’t wait to put into action all the great stuff I’ve learned.

I’ve got so many shots to share from recent shoots over the previous weeks but I thought I’d share this gorgeous family tonight. They were so happy and fun and totally into anything.

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Newborn Goodness {Brisbane Newborn Photographer}

I know I say it everytime but geez I love newborns.

I mean seriously, what’s not to love about them. They’re so pure and they smell amazing – nothing like baby smell.

Little Miss Alivia was 2 weeks old at our little session. She was over 9lbs born and quite long so she was bursting out of the ‘newborn’ stakes. Still tiny though. A delightful little poppet and very well behaved!

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A special session {Brisbane Children’s Photographer}

I’m doing photographic sessions for everyone else these days that I never really get to do a ‘session’ with my kids. I mean I get lots of shots here and there but nothing more then a few.

I set out the other day with the view to getting some great shots of *my* kids. I wanted some great portraits for my big, blank, boring white wall.

In the end I was so pleased with how they turned out but at the time my Lily just didn’t want a bar of the camera and my little treats weren’t as successful as I would have hoped. It turns out the few shots I did get were pretty much what I was after so I was thankful.

I plan on getting three big canvases (two 20×30″ and one 20″x20″) – one of Lily, one of Byron and one of them together. I bet you can’t guess which ones – hint! hint! Help me out – especially with the pictures of Byron. I can’t decide between one and three. I am definitely getting number two of Lily and the laughing shot of my two cherubs. I can’t wait to order them.

There is nothing like a beautiful big canvas of your own little pumpkins…they really are stunning!

So, I’m excited…finally, I’ll have something less blank to stare at. How very exciting.

I’ll be sure to share when they’re hanging on my wall!

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