Day 14 {Brisbane Children’s Photographer}

I’d hope to think that I’m not alone in the predicament I find myself in on a daily basis. It’s not life critical by any stretch of the imagination (although my husband would probably beg to differ) but some days, as evident by the screams and cries, you would think that might be the case. If you haven’t guessed already, it’s the dreaded TV and the battles that ensue constantly between my two over what they can watch. Byron wants to watch sport, or National Geographic, or ‘Junk Yard Wars’ or some other show not geared towards 6 years olds. Lily on the other hand wants to watch Dora, Playhouse Disney Channel or something remotely directed at a 3 year olds’ intelligence (and I don’t blame her). She likes kid TV and Byron doesn’t. If I never have to hear the words, “Byron! Turn it off the sport and put on a kids’ channel!” again, I’d be a happy woman.

We have however for the most part found a happy medium in Scooby Doo (Thank God!).

…and thank God for 7:01pm – BED TIME!

F a c e b o o k