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Miss Millie {Brisbane Newborn Photographer}

At barely 8 days new, she was a tough cookie at first; fighting to keep an eye open on the world. But after a while, she gave up (I’m way too patient) and was the most perfect little model ever. A total dream and an absolute cutie patootie to boot!

I could stare at her little portraits all day long – newborns clearly are time wasters – all you want to do is look at them. It feels wonderful to create life long memories of such a fleeting moment.

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The day the sun didn’t want to play… {Brisbane Family Photographer}

When you make your way all the way from London to have a nice holiday in Australia, on the Gold Coast no less, you don’t expect the weather to end up dark, cloudy and rainy, for one day let alone pretty much your whole holiday! Who would have thought that sunny Queensland wouldn’t play nice? And on a day when you want photos of the gorgeous sun, sand and surf no less.

Well, as it turns out last weekend was nothing on what this week has been – rain, rain and more rain. So, in the end things turned out for the best – by best I mean showers and cloud and not torrential downpours. Despite the fact the sun didn’t want to play, the kids still had fun – they frolicked; they laughed; and they got wet – seriously, what’s not to love about that!

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Endless Love {Brisbane Children’s Photographer}

As parents there isn’t much we wouldn’t do to help our kids…most would go to the ends of the earth if the need arose. Most would agree that you indeed live a lucky life if there is never a need for you to reach out for those ends, in order to protect your children. That’s what makes the parents of these children special. They will do anything for their children and the sad part is, they have already had to go beyond where you or I will ever need to.

Little James, nearly 6, is suffering from Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, an insidious gender-linked (in 99% of cases) muscle-wasting disease that leaves little boys (and in some cases, girls) unable to walk before they make their teenage years. As there is no cure, Duchenne results in premature death by late teens/early adulthood in 100% of cases. You can read more about James’ story and his parents, Julian and Sharryn’s, quest to find a cure for their little boy here and here. Perhaps if you see fit, you can lend a helping hand.

James, Charlyse (nearly 5), Saraya (2 years) and Patrick (6 months) were just the most wonderful children to photograph. I know I say that all the time (and it’s always true) but they really were. So full of smiles, spirit and fun – just the way I like them!

Generally, it’s hard with a session encompassing four children to go light on in the blog department and of course thats no different in this case. I offer no apologies!

Meet James, Charlyse, Saraya and Patrick…

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