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Mummy to be… {Brisbane Maternity Photographer}

To My Mummy To Be ….
(John Mitchell)

I’m getting ready for the time
I’ll come and live with you.
And make your dreams of Motherhood
And little me come true.

I’ve packed some gurgles sweet and clear,
And filled a bag with smiles.
And a pair of lungs you ought to hear
For miles and miles and MILES.

I’ve packed a bunch of lusty yells,
And quite a lot of crying.
I hope it won’t annoy you
‘Cos it’s awful satisfying.

I’ve packed some baby cuddles and
A simply ‘normous thirst,
So many nice wet kisses,
My lugguge nearly burst.

And now I find there isn’t room
For any little clothes.
So Mammy Dear, I ‘cerely hope
You’re looking after those.

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Sugar. Spice. All things nice. {Brisbane Family Photographer}

What a way to spend a beautiful spring afternoon! Seriously, I laughed a lot photographing this session. These beautiful girls, Millie, Pippa and Scarlett, and their parents were a complete delight. They were full of fun and laughter and especially love – there is no denying that.

The curls, the painted nails, the shoes (yes the shoes I immediately ordered for Lily because they were the sweetest darn things I’ve seen in a long time) made for some extra special fun for me – I’m a lover of details!

This is quite a large share but I wanted to let people know the type of images that may be included in a galley for a family session…there are many more images but alas, this is about the limit of what I can share on my blog.

I hope you smile a big smile looking a these pictures because that’s what I’m doing right now…

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Special Family {Brisbane Family Photographer}

You would have met sweet Tilly before in a few of my blog posts. She is 5 days younger than my Willow and they are ‘best friends’. See her mummy and I have been best friends for 17 years now so it’s only natural Tilly and Willow would develop a close association which I’m terming ‘best friends’. As you can see, she’s way more advanced in the gross motor area than my laid back Willow. It’s funny how they’re all so different. Completely unique in every single way.

It was special to be able to finally head out for their first proper family shoot; from now on an annual tradition.  Father’s Day for the grandfathers was taken care of with a number of costume changes (I bet you can’t pick which ones they were), followed by some more just for  some ‘cute’ factor. She’s certainly a cutie pie in my eyes.

And another instalment of Willow and Tilly…

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