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Beauty-full {Brisbane Family Photographer}

Another family beauty-full; of life, loves and happiness.

Sigh…isn’t her hair amazing?
Aren’t his freckles the cutest?
Isn’t their love for each other so telling?
Their mum and dad get to see it; feel it…every day. Lucky things!

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Scarlett {Brisbane Baby Photographer}

Can you believe she’s been here five beautiful months?! It feels incredibly wonderful to watch her grow…from a sweet newborn to an even sweeter little baby who is learning to sit all by herself; who’s inquisitive side has lead her to find her toes, which keep her entertained while things need doing. She’s happy and feisty all at the same time – this little soul knows what she wants and will try her dandiest to get it. She’s Willow’s favourite pet. She loves her so. I love her so.

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Children {Brisbane Family Photographer}

There are some children that shine in front of the camera; who put on a show and just radiate. They do. I don’t really have to do much at all – just point the camera in their direction and they do the rest. It goes without saying, as it does in life, that people (and this includes children) are going to vary on the ‘shy’ meter. There are some that take a while to warm up, and some that don’t. There are some that are over the camera in five minutes flat and then there are those that could last all day.

That’s what makes taking photos of children so interesting – I simply never know what I’m going to find when I turn up.

I do love photographing all types of children – the reserved ones; the happy ones; the sad ones; the cranky ones; the tired ones; the silly ones. All types. It’s true some require more out of me then others, but the satisfaction at having gained what I gained from shooting these little souls is always the same.

Sam and Isla, were the aforementioned children – they weren’t shy and they just strut their stuff with next to no guidance from me. They were full of smiles, funny faces and giggles. Isla has an appreciation for jewellery and all things pretty, just like my Lily. Sam, adores his sister, just as my Byron loves his sisters. As much as children are unique, I find so many similarities between them all; and especially with my own. They love freely; they think without boundaries; and their happiness shines no matter what. There is so much to be learned from children.

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