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Friday’s Favourites {Brisbane Children’s Photographer}

I am sad that summer days will leave us soon. The late afternoons. The soft, warm, pretty light. Why can’t it stay like this forever?

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Friday’s Favourites {Brisbane Photographer

Isn’t it strange that two images, taken moments apart can depict two different stories entirely.

The first, “under the rainbow”, (and yes folks it’s a real sky and a real rainbow – and he is standing under it, as you see it.  Consider it a lucky break on my part.) depicts a boy; a child of many colours; a dreamer; a lover. It’s an image full of hope, wishes and possibilities only imaginable to a child.

The second, “crystal ball”,  says so much about the future. I see it in his eyes. I see the man he will become. It makes me excited yet sad at the same time;  sad the little boy, will one day be lost. Lost into adulthood.

I love both as equally as one can.

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Gorgeousness {Brisbane Family Photographer}

Such a beautiful, happy Sunday.
The sun shone bright.
The air was warm.
An absolutely perfect family joined me that afternoon.
We laughed.
And laughed some more.
The sand was warm between our toes.
And the water just as nice.
Before to long, the sun was saying goodbye.
And I was saying goodbye too.
Until next time…

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